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To clean your home fast and efficiently you may follow the next steps here.

Make sure you carry all your cleaning tools and solutions with you as you move around. Don’t backtrack. Walk around and clean rather than pacing back and forward.

Declutter the area before you proceed to clean it.

Make sure you remove all clutter before you start dusting or washing a surface or area. This will save you time from having to move and place back each object while you are cleaning.

fast clean home

Get the best cleaning tools to clean your home fast and efficiently.

Get a cleaning apron which allows you to hang all necessary tools and solutions on.

Start from the top and move to the bottom.

It is common sense to start cleaning and dusting from the top of a room, and then move down, because dust and dirt will fall downward while you are cleaning.

        • Avoid cleaning items and things which are not dirty. Save time, and only clean what is actually dirty.
        • Make sure a surface is clean before you wipe or rinse it.
          Save time from having to do the cleaning twice, by checking whether all filth is removed from a surface as you clean it.
        • Stop cleaning a surface once you are done.
        • Just wipe or rinse it.

Learn to recognise which jobs require what kind of detergent and cleaning tool.

You will learn this as you go, and will become experienced in choosing the best cleaning tools, without losing time, trying several of them out.

Ensure that your tools work properly for fast and easy cleaning.

You don’t want to lose valuable time trying to get solution out of a clogged spray bottle, or mopping the floor with a mop with a loose handle the fast and easy cleaning.

Place each tool in the same place on your cleaning apron or tray every time.

Soon you will learn to automatically pick up the tool in need in every moment.

Stay focused on your cleaning.

Don’t get distracted with deep thoughts or by your TV or phone. Just keep cleaning until you are done. Clock your cleaning time.
Make it your objective to improve your cleaning time every time. This will keep you motivated to improve your own personal best which each house cleaning session. Also, you can assign times for the various cleaning jobs and try to stay within those time limits.

Use both of your hands when you are cleaning.

If possible, save time by making sure both of your hands are involved in the cleaning process at all times.

    • Team up. The more people participating in the cleaning, the faster it will be completed. This of course also depends on how well you organise and delegate the various cleaning tasks among yourselves too.
    • Schedule your cleaning tasks during the week. To keep your home clean at all times, create a schedule with the different main cleaning errands planned for a different day of the week. Soon, this will become a routine for you, and you will avoid needing to do the whole house cleaning at once.
    • Keep an empty trash bag in your pocket at all times.This will save you the time and effort for having to walk to the trash each time you pick up unnecessary stuff and rubbish while cleaning up.
    • Limit the number of detergents you carry.
      Usually, all you will actually need for cleaning your home is: glass or multi-surface cleaner, tile and grout cleaner, degreasing cleaner and an abrasive powdered cleaner.
    • Play some energising and upbeat music while cleaning.

      • This will naturally make you feel more energised and move faster.
      • Tidy up your tools and solutions once you are done.
      • Make sure you put them back in place, replace them, refill them or wash them, so that they are all ready for the next round of cleaning.

      • Sweep your kitchen floor and other heavy traffic areas daily.
      • A quick sweep a day will keep your flooring better protected from difficult to remove grime, and will make moping easier and quicker.

      • Wipe down your shower, sink, countertops and oven after each use.
      • This will keep them from accumulating grime and residue, and thus will save you the time and energy of having to scrub them so often.

      How to Clean my House Fast and Efficiently
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